Over the period of facilitating classes and workshops, my students are a great source of inspiration. To witness transformation, the willingness to open, explore and learn are a wonderful reminder of the immense potential in all of us. I am very grateful to come and be in touch with so many beautiful souls. My kids are my best and toughest teachers. They continually nudge me to greater awareness, point me into directions of areas that need attention and help me in reshaping of non serving patterns. They also show me the art of just being, the joy and love of life.


With infinite gratitude to my teachers

Anne Macnabb Nadjafi was my first teacher and will always remain special.


Lance Schuler, Philipp Ernst Lemke guided me during my first teacher training, so grateful for their teachings.  (2009, Geneva, 200hr RYT Inspya yoga teacher training, several workshops)



Tara and me

Tara Judelle has shown me a different way of practice, being, facilitating. I continually study with her, she is an ongoing inspiration, mentor and friend, leading me to discover my potential and higher self. (Many workshops, retreats, online study. 2013, Bali, 100 hours RYT “Art of teaching”)


Marc Holzman represents for me one of the best teachers, his precision in instructions, authenticity, and shinning his light are qualities I strive for.


Sally Kempton is a master in the art of teaching of meditation. I adore her way of transmitting myths, tantra philosophie. (2014, Assisi in Italy, retreat with Tara, Sally and Marc, several workshops with Marc, online study with Sally)