Yoga prenatal, postnatal and mum’s circles

I am very passionate about creating support for woman before and after birth, it is so essential, to nourish and take care of ourselves especially during these wonderful, but also intense and challenging times. I am loving this special area of my work, hearing from mum’s that yoga helped and enhanced their birth experience is so amazing. After birth, I know how much yoga is needed too, it can help regain physical and mental strength, heal and nourish. I remember feeling totally exhausted, isolated, thinking I was the only one struggling. Just reconnecting with the body and moving it, can help, make postpartum woman feel good. Relaxation is a huge plus too. The postnatal is with your baby, courses are adopted to mum’s and baby’s needs. Please inscribe yourself for the postnatal classes.

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In the mum’s circles I am hosting with Kim Kuster, I am/we are striving further to encourage and support each other.


Yoga Regular classes

These classes continue to be an important part of my work. I aim to guide you safely, gently opening body, mind and heart. We all need to reconnect with our bodies and dare to reveal our potential, vulnerability, light. Be who we are.


Maybe you would love to take up yoga, but feel intimidated to join a group class ? Private classes are a great oppurtinity to get a good foundation of the base of postures and breathing. It gives you also the chance to ask questions and cater for your individual needs. Traditionally yoga was taught from teacher to one student. While it is wonderful to get the energy and connection of a collective practice, individual session has many benefits and will give you the confidence to show up in a studio and life! Alternatively you are already committed to your practice and would like to immerse deeper? I can encourage and support you in challenging areas of your practice, giving the possibility to come into your full potential. As you get stronger in your body and spirit it will extend automatically into your life too.

Semi privates

Are also an option (1 to 3 people)
These sessions can take place in the comfort of your home or in the fully equipped studio of Elaneha.

Yoga therapy

Is designed to help, heal a specific injury, stress, health problem or dosha imbalance.


I am offering a workshop once a month. “Love”  is my favourite theme and path. It has nothing to do with romantic love (although it might enhance your relationships). I am passionate about discovering, feeling and extending of love within. Workshops are a wonderful way to deepen your practice and make the most of the groups energy and connection. The componantes of the 3 hour time are:

  • Introduction of ourselves, theme and intention
  • Asana (postures)
  • Reflection, sharing, encouraging each other.
  • Méditation and relaxation.

I love seeing students explorations, introspective, sharing and opening to each other.